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There’s nothing like the raw sound of Blues music combined with barbeque that’s been cooked low and slow to leave a lasting impression on your summer. This year’s Blues and Bones Festivals are sure to satisfy your cravings for both. Come join us in California for the 7th annual Blues and Bones Festival on July 28th and 29th at the Calaveras Fairgrounds in Angels Camp or the 3rd annual Blues and Bones Festival in Boise, Idaho at Eagle Island State Park on August 26st. These events are laid back and family friendly! Come enjoy some of the country’s best travelling Blues Bands along with award winning Barbeque.


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Eagle Island State Park

165 Eagle Island Parkway,

Eagle, ID 83616

Phone. (208) 939-0696

Calaveras Country Fair Grounds

101 Frogtown Road,

P.O. Box 489,

Angels Camp, CA 95222

Phone. (209) 736-2561

Email. info@frogtown.org